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Sigil Of Brass is the brainchild of Andy Backhouse. Having cut his teeth as a Broadcaster and a No.1 Charting Musician, Andy is a sound-artist in every aspect.

Andy will get your track how you want it. There are as many revisions on the mastering process you need. So, if you are unhappy with the first run, we will work on it until you are happy.

Andy began his interest in sound as a keyboard player in local groups. He used samplers, synthesizers and used to record and mix live bands. In the late 00`s he was actively involved as a sound engineer for an Internet-only radio station. Andy’s Dub has charted at No.1 in Beatport and he has had stellar write-ups in the National Press for his Sound Art. An Accredited Member of The Audio Engineer Society, Andy lives in North Yorkshire.


Andy uses state-of-the-art equipment to make high-quality sound recordings for music releases, TV and film, radio, websites or games. Mastering is the technical process of balancing, equalising and enhancing analogue or digital your audio, ensuring that your product attains maximum musicality.

Sigil of Brass Mastering Studio is highly creative, technically and acoustically treated so we can achieve maximum results. Working in a controlled listening environment offers a new perspective and essential for success in today’s marketplace – a highly competitive industry. Combining our experienced sound engineers and the fantastic range of mastering software, hardware and plugins, you can count on us to make your track into one of a highly professional standard

Andy will work closely with you during the mastering process, keeping in contact about how you want the finished product to sound is essential.

Online Mastering

Our online mastering service allows you to make use of our world-class facilities in a great acoustic environment right from your desktop.

You get the same experienced ears and professional signal path as our direct-booking clients.

The Studio

I rent a room at Creao Studio. Based in High Harrogate, North Yorkshire, they bring 30+ years of audio, video, media and art’s experience to the table.

CREAO (short for Creative Arts Organisation) is owned by Allan Smyth who has worked in the AV, arts and entertainment industry for 30+ years. Designed by Allan Smyth as a purpose-built feature there is a great sound-proofed room. I am afraid that, due to the nature of the tenancy, I am not allowed to have walk-in visitors for the mastering of audio.

File Format

Stereo WAV or AIFF is preferred - However, we now accept MP3 files too.

Start and End

Leave some air at either end of your tracks.

Reference Track

Reference tracks are welcome. Please send them along with the audio.


Ideally, 24 bit/s.


Please do not brick-wall your track - there is no need to slam the levels.

Sample Rate

44.1 kHz or higher
Use the sample rate of your original session, no gain to up-sample to 96kHz if you’ve recorded at a lower rate. Please, do not normalize.


Please do not fade out or fade in the track yourself - we can be instructed on how to do this, but it could mess up the master if you do it yourself.

Master Bus

If you are using plug-ins on the master bus provide options with and without it. Limiting or clipping the master bus should be avoided.

Of My Work

Music Mastering £25/Track
DJ Mix Mastering £45/Hour
Field Recordings - Contact Me
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We Now Accept MP3 Files For Mastering

We now accept MP3 Files for Mastering. So, if you need mastering for MP3 files you can come and see us. Normally, most Mastering houses will turn down MP3 files - there is a purity to uncompressed files that is missing with the compressed format of MP3. However, with...

The Parish News Radio Show

The Parish News is my own radio show and podcast - I play experimental music to my listeners on FM and DAB Networks on both sides of the Atlantic. The show is pre-recorded in Creao Studio when I have a bit of downtime from mastering - normally late on a...

IRSC Codes

WHAT ARE ISRC CODES AND HOW DO I GET THEM?If your CD is for commercial release then you will probably need ISRC codes. The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video...

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Creao Studio, 12b Regent Street,
Harrogate, North Yorkshire

01423 209002

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