The reviews are split up as such that they go by Genre & Artist(s). As stated on the About Page – I have only been running this blog since late September 2016. Please bear with it as it takes shape.


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A. Krause & J. Gubbels Aakat Jetigen Abby Lee Tee Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Andreas Usenbenz Anthony Pateras Bartholomäus Traubeck Beth Anderson Bill Horist Chris Cobilis Christoph de Babalon Christopher Chaplin Chris Watson Cut Worms Electric Sewer Age elizabeth Veldon Francisco Meirino Ginats K Hand Of Stabs Henri Chopin HEXA ILIOS Ingar Zach Isnaj Dui James Blackshaw James O’Callaghan Jana Irmert Jeffrey Roden Jim Haynes Kenneth Goldsmith Kim Myr Krzyzis Namke Communications Oren Ambarchi Otso Paul Daniel Knowles Reinier Van Houdt Relay For Death Robert Lippok Scott Lawlor Simon Goff Soojin Anjou Spektral Quartet Tamtam Teruyuki Nobuchika

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