New Start

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So, here is to a new start: I have had the pleasure of running my own business, Mastering.WTF for around a year – however, as I have matured and the company to a more corporate turn, I quickly realised that the name was not at all where I needed it to be.

.wtf is a top-level domain – a lot of fun but not serious. I needed to create an impression that people could trust me with their audio and that I was … well … a professional.

Even though I have certificates hanging from the downstairs loo walls in my house – I did not want to show them on the web and I could not show the certificates on the web. I was going by word of mouth and my mouth was dirty – the domain name had a cuss word in it and that was giving me a bad impression.

I have plumped for the domain to run the business from nowadays – a lot tidier.

The site is still, pretty much, the same and nothing too major has been changed – the only really big change in the set up (other than the domain name) is the way the audio is sent over to me – head over to for those types of fun.

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