Podcast Production In Harrogate

Why am I writing about Podcast production in Harrogate – especially on this site, my mastering website, Sigil Of Brass? Well, this is because I produce and master podcasts as a commercial venture. I produce and master three individual podcast series. These range from Arts shows and exotic music mixes to Dub Reggae DJ Podcasts.

podcast production in harrogate

I have spent years as a person who appreciates podcasts. I have also had the pleasure of managing a local radio station – editing and mastering the shows in the downtime. I continued to master podcasts in the days after I worked in the local media. The studio I have access to, Creao Studio, is a sound-proofed room with the use of a SHURE SM7B, Digital Firewire Audio Interface and a state of the art Apple Mac. The results, along with the digital mastering suite and my technical know-how – will produce a smooth vocal and a balanced musical output. Here is an example –

Using vintage styled digital models of analogue compression, I can get your music Talking Podcasts and/or your DJ Mixes to sing. Using just the right amount of dynamic processing I will use stereo expanders and colouring filters. However, all mixes are independent of each other – there is no “One Size Fits All” when it comes to mastering.

With this in mind, I use state of the art equipment to manage your Podcast to get it primed and ready for broadcast. The trick is to allow the speech and ‘shout-outs’ to merge with the music without either of them cancelling each other out. A trick I picked up doing Roots Conversation by Guerrilla Dub System. Digital Hæze is the name I use as part of Guerrilla Dub System – On the show, I use synthesised speech and this needed to blend in with the music.

If you want to broadcast the Podcasts I have made for my clients, please get in contact with me at [email protected] and I will get in contact with the show’s hosts to liaise. Alternatively, head over to the Sigil Of Brass’s PRX Page HERE to download the shows. Here is the promised GDS show –

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