We now accept MP3 Files for Mastering. So, if you need mastering for MP3 files you can come and see us. Normally, most Mastering houses will turn down MP3 files – there is a purity to uncompressed files that is missing with the compressed format of MP3.

However, with the acquisition of an Elysian Karacter we can now beef up a humble MP3 file. The Elysian Karacter is a sound colourer that can help give added ‘fatness’ to a file – it will make any MP3 sound great. Here is an example of an MP3 DJ Mix, made by Andy Backhouse –  

Whilst you will never get an MP3 files to sound as good as good as an uncompressed file, there are a few tricks that we can do to help get the mastering for MP3 files sounding better. It will never be the quality of a WAV – but it will be a mastered MP3. A better MP3.

So, if you want a better sounding MP3 then please get in contact and submit your MP3 for mastering by using the button below. It will be a pleasure to work with you.

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