What Is Mastering?

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What is Mastering: Mastering is the last creative step in the audio production process, the bridge between mixing and replication/duplication. What is mastering? Mastering is your last chance to enhance sound or repair audio problems. At Sigil Of Brass, I do that in an acoustically treated room that effectively acts like an audio ‘microscope’.

Sigil Of Brass lends an objective, experienced ear to your work – be this an album or a DJ Mix // a single or a Field Recording.

I am familiar with what can go wrong technically and aesthetically when an artist records their tracks. Through opening up a dialogue with you, I will find out how you want your track to sound and then we can proceed from there.

What Is Mastering? Why Do It?

Sometimes – all I will do is Nothing! This simple act of approval means the mix is ready for distribution and you will not be charged a penny by me. Other times I may help you by working on some problems encountered in your workflow that you just could not get sorted yourself. I may add the final touch to a track or an album that makes the release sound ‘finished’ and playable on a wide range of systems.

My mastering studio is the place where experience in musical art is combined with the science of audio. However, the dividing line between this science and art is nebulous – essentially, you cannot have one without the other when it comes to Mastering at Sigil Of Brass.

Old-fashioned craftsmanship will always be in demand. Attention to detail will be in demand, too. I consider myself a craftsman. Essentially, there is no silver bullet. There is no one magic anything that will be the end-all panacea. This statement applies to gear and gear settings. There is no magic threshold, ratio or EQ setting that can be applied to every song that comes along.

Sonic magic comes from the hard work I put into using my tools. The truth be told, when it comes to mastering, each tool can only make a slight improvement, incremental at the most. The final success comes from the synergistic totality of the tools working together.


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